Thursday, January 5, 2012

ThriftyThursday: Breaking my Target habit

With the start of the new year I'm in a money-saving mode. I'm going to Charleston, S.C., over spring break, and Troy and I plan to go to D.C. this summer. That being said, Target is my kryptonite. I kind of thing I need to take a bit of a break from going there because I'm too good at finding inexpensive items that I convince myself I can't live without. Such as these chevron pieces launched last week: I spent more than $600 at Target during the month of December. That's outrageous even if much of it involved Christmas shopping. So here's my new strategy: Target is a once-a-week stop. I will go in with a list. And browsing will be kept to a minimum so as not to tempt me until I get my "habit" under control. There are obviously other areas I can cut costs, including at my daily coffee run and eating out for lunch, which. I will also address. I still want to buy things I enjoy but I need to reign it in. This book is one purchase, for example:
Any of you thrifty ladies have other advice?


  1. I feel ya on's bad. I've kind of decided that if I need groceries, I will not go to Target but to an actual grocery store, less temptation there. And when I go to Target, only buy what's on the list!

    We use to keep track of all our finances. You can link all your accounts and card(s) to it, it's pretty helpful and free.

    You can always try the Dave Ramsey approach to saving money, use cash only in envelopes and once you're out, you're out...we still use our credit card, but do practice other things he teaches.

    Good luck!!

  2. Target is like crack. Literally go in with two things I need to pick up and come up with twenty things I couldn't imagine life without...

    Lists have been such a help in keeping it undr control, but I still find my eyes wandering. I also try and send my husband to Target to pick up perscriptions for me. Then I just don't have to face the temptation at all!

    We sat down and made a budget together where we talked about spending and such. That was a huge accountability moment where I know we are going to look and see if we hit our goals in a couple of months. I can hear Mr. T when I am tempted to pick something extra up!

  3. target is beyond addicting! i went there last night strictly to purchase groceries and spent ages looking at shoes, clothes, makeup, etc. must limit my visits there, too :)


  4. Lacy, thanks for the advice. Maybe the groceries thing is the key. I started spending so much there when our target expanded the grocery section. I'm also considering the cash thing because I'm one of those people who uses my debit card and then it's like the transaction never happened.

    Amber, you have inspired me to actually do a budget. I always tell myself that my spending hasn't gotten to the point where I need to watch every penny, but maybe it has.

    Love the feedback. Keep it coming.

  5. hmmm.. the only way i can not buy things i don't need at target is to not go! otherwise.. i'm just bad. the same goes for the mall.. the grocery store.. the post office. seriously, it's bad. i just shouldn't shop ever.