Friday, February 3, 2012

FiveThingsFriday: Valentines

Remember grade school Valentine's Day parties. We decorated elaborate boxes to collect our cards and trinkets in, and the idea of what to make was something I probably spent a good portion of the winter on. It was almost as important as choosing a Halloween costume. Did anyone else do this or was it just a #NorthDakotaThing?

We'd all line up with our store-bought or hand-made cards and candy and drop them in each box. I often chose to make mine because I've always been a crafter at heart (even if my projects never, EVER turn out the way I want them to still today).


I wish there was still a need for an off-the-hook Valentine box and some handmade cards. My best pal Cristen and I made these a few years back, and we might just have to hold another Valentine crafternoon this weekend.

Here are five ideas for your Friday:

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

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