Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WhichOneWednesday: Green tomato recipes

In true North Dakota style, our fall is over almost before it began. Yesterday it was 80 degrees; tomorrow we're looking at 20s with a good chance of a snow storm.

So today I trudged to my garden over my lunch hour and went to work harvesting what remained in my cute little plot. I'd hoped my Brussels sprouts would mature on the stocks, and I'd prayed my tomatoes naturally blush on the vine. But alas, Mother Nature didn't care about my plans.

Now my pantry is stocked with a paper grocery sac full of green tomatoes waiting for me to figure out their fate. Being a first-year gardener, this is a new vegetable (OK, Stephanie Tanner, fruit) for me to handle with my not-so-hot kitchen skills.

This is the part where I ask you for help and beg your expertise. Which one of these recipes should I try?

The obvious choice, Baked Green Tomatoes?

Or maybe these tasty looking Green Tomato Tartines:

Perhaps some Pickled Green Tomatoes:

How about Green Tomato Bread?

Green Tomato Marmalade, anyone?


  1. Pickled!
    Glad you were able to rescue your tomatoes!
    And... yeah... even though they predicted snow I was NOT prepared for what I saw when I woke up this am!

  2. You could also try to ripen them:

    1. Thanks for the tip, Andria. I'll give it a try.