Friday, February 27, 2009

Sotally Tweet

I joined Twitter back in November and still don't get it. I understand how it works, but I haven't figured out why it's fun. It's like Facebook without all the pictures, relationship status updates and all the other fun facestalking tools.

The Forum ran a column on a Twitter Festival (cleverly coined a "Twestival" — gross) held in Fargo a couple of weeks ago. What on earth would one do at such a twestival? If you are going to the trouble of visiting a coffee shop to sit around with a bunch of people you don't really know, wouldn't it seem a better use of time to actually talk to one another instead of typing a one-sentence explanation of what you are doing this moment?

Now, in all fairness, I only follow one person's "tweets" (could they have maybe made it a little less silly sounding?), and have only two followers of my tweets. I've yet to learn anything useful through the site.

In fact, it is yet another reason why I think the Internet will kill the art of conversation.

Anyone interested in making me understand this "phenomenon," my tweetin' name is shaffehe.

My apologies

Troy, Edward von Stauffenpuss and I will be moving into a new
apartment together at the end of March — only a year after we
started planning the move.

I know, I know. I went two whole months without a single post.

This semester is turning out much busier than I ever anticipated. My classes are very time-consuming, and serving as editor of two publications is feeling over-ambitious at times. I love what I'm doing, so it makes it worth it.

The economy is on everyone's mind, including mine. The newspaper industry is tanking (R.I.P. Rocky Mountain News), which makes all of the projects I've taken on seem worthless at times.

I sold my first freelance piece last week. It will run in the April 2009 issue of The Lutheran. I used the money to buy a lens for my new camera. I look forward to using it in while I'm in Costa Rica over spring break.

So that's what's new ... Now on to more interesting posts.