Friday, February 27, 2009

Sotally Tweet

I joined Twitter back in November and still don't get it. I understand how it works, but I haven't figured out why it's fun. It's like Facebook without all the pictures, relationship status updates and all the other fun facestalking tools.

The Forum ran a column on a Twitter Festival (cleverly coined a "Twestival" — gross) held in Fargo a couple of weeks ago. What on earth would one do at such a twestival? If you are going to the trouble of visiting a coffee shop to sit around with a bunch of people you don't really know, wouldn't it seem a better use of time to actually talk to one another instead of typing a one-sentence explanation of what you are doing this moment?

Now, in all fairness, I only follow one person's "tweets" (could they have maybe made it a little less silly sounding?), and have only two followers of my tweets. I've yet to learn anything useful through the site.

In fact, it is yet another reason why I think the Internet will kill the art of conversation.

Anyone interested in making me understand this "phenomenon," my tweetin' name is shaffehe.

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