Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ladiez nitez!

Me, along with my two best pals Cristen and Kasi, started having a ladies night each Thursday. After the last year at school, I was feeling out of touch with real life, so its been a fantastic treat.


This week Cristen and I did some shopping, followed by sushi and a bottle of wine at Wasabi downtown. My former employer opened the restaurant a few months ago, and he's doing a swell job.


After our fried banana ball dessert (Yes, our server muttered, 'How are you balls tasting,' because how can you not?), we met up with Kasi at Monte's for a drink (or two — hell, three) and a meat and cheese tray.



Cristen showed off Kasi's old man from "Up" face on her phone.


Then Kasi reenacted it for us. What a great couple of girls.


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  1. i love wasabi! i was able to go there before i left fargo and it was actually some of the best sushi ive had!
    im coming through town in january and i cant wait to have some. haha.