Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot in herrr

The sign at the Moorhead Center Mall (you know, that other great place to shop) blinked 94 degrees when I left the parking lot this afternoon. Wowza. Us warm-blooded Midwesterners need to ease into this summer stuff. OK, I shouldn't complain. We just went through a doozy of a winter.

The huz (Oh yeah, did I mention I got married way back in January) and I decided to go for a heat-filled saunter after I got home from work down Broadway in Fargo.

Broke out the sandals.

Tried (and failed at) going to Orange Records

Stopped by Revolver. Broadway and downtown in general was covered in lots of creative chalk talk today, by the way.

I liked this bathing suit, but buying a vintage item worn so close to the body brings up all sorts of hygiene concerns.

I stopped to look at this wedding dress in Ecce's window, but got too caught up in the reflection of the buildings to pay attention to what I originally wanted to photograph.

St. Mary's Cathedral just as the sun set between it's steeples and a plane passed overhead.

Back in the hood. Of course our whole building was sitting on the stoop as we tried to walk in the front door. Don't bother moving, people.

I arrived home to find the first week's CSA bounty waiting for me. MMM mmm.

I potted flowers while husband washed, waxed and spit-shined my car. Whadda guy.

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