Sunday, August 19, 2012

SundayStuff: Fun stuff

Sunday is a day I devote to doing nothing. It's not my Christian upbringing, but rather my laziness and tendency toward self indulgence.

There's nothing more enjoyable than drinking an entire pot of Ethiopian roasted coffee while languidly page through the newspaper and circulars. Sunday afternoons seem designed for catching up on television and catnaps missed throughout the week. The evening lends itself perfectly to either creating a fantastic meal or simply ordering one in. The hours before bed are best spent with a book or pile of magazines. I mean, seriously. Sunday is really the only day in which you can get through an entire issue of The New Yorker.

But more than anything, browsing the internet and catalogs for stuff I don't really need is my idea of a good time. So here you are. Enjoy your lazy Sunday:

Who doesn't need one of these?:

Backyard Scrabble? What a splendid way to spend future Sundays.:

I'm not a big T-shirt fan, but you can't really make a fashion mistake with this:

A jellyfish aquarium? Obviously a must.:
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

A bike planter? Why not.:
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

A doodle duvet sounds like a productive excuse for not getting out of bed on Sundays.:

Well, I might as well drink some wine while I'm at it.:
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

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