Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WardrobeWednesday: DIY shoe projects

Most of my shoes are of the cheaper variety from Forever 21, Target or H&M. The mass retailers make cute shoes in large quantities, but there are a few ideas floating around out there on how to make them you-nique.

These chevron moccasins from sincerely kinsey play into my latest obsession, but they're also a great way to dress up a plain old pair of slippers.

I'd love to dress up a pair of flats like this by adding a bow and strap to turn them into some adorable mary janes.

Even just a touch a glitter can turn some plan old Forever 21 wedges into something special.

Miss out on all the good Missoni stuff at Target? Start your own craze with this take on a plain pair of canvas shoes.

And don't forget this pair of jimmy choo inspired gold-tips from say yes to hoboken.

Got any ideas of your own? I'd love some more links or ideas.

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