Monday, December 12, 2011

MondayMust: LinkLove

Another week closer to Christmas. Sigh. This time of year always goes so fast. Come to think of it, every time of year goes so fast lately.

Here's some must-see links to start your week off right.

Looking for some free, cool Christmas music?

I love olives (perhaps you can tell by the name of my blog), so this recipes sounds like a real winner for holiday appetizers.Via PaperMama. They would be awesome with these cranberry mojitos.

I have some lace curtains from my great-grandmother. This project would be such a neat way to use them.

Yesterday in Fargo it reached 40 degrees. Yeah, that's unreal. I was able to spray paint out side. That activity is usually off limits for a good six months here. I wish I would have had this lawn game to play.

Did you even know you could make homemade gumdrops? I wonder if it's possible to make them spice drops.

Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard is one of my favorite new blogs. If you aren't following her, you should be.

Another reading challenge? Yes, please.

How cute with this pillow be with this quilt?


  1. If you do the scarf with the lace curtains, I'd LOVE to see how it comes out. What a great way to use something sentimental in a new and useful way!