Saturday, December 10, 2011

StoryTimeSaturday: My wedding dress (Part 5)

This is a weekly, eight-part series where I'm going to share just a small part of my wedding with you: the invitations, the photos, the decor, my dress, my makeup, my wedding party, the music and the dance. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

For so many brides, the dress is the most important piece of planning. I, too, loved my dress, but I was pretty relaxed about it.


I picked it out after trying on probably six dresses total. It was the last one my consultant showed me, and it had just come in that day. I was the first person to try it on.


What I loved about it was the heavy beading on the top and the fact that it was made of taffeta. The silhouette wasn't something I necessarily thought would work well for me. After trying it on, I fell in love with the shape it gave me, thanks to the sweatheart neckline and corset-laced back.


I had absolutely no alterations done, so my recommendation is to look for a corsetted dress if you want to save on alterations. I loved the numerous vintage-looking lace dresses I'd tried on, but I knew those need to pretty much be custom fit to really look great.

The dress is LoVeLa Style No. 9015 by Liz Fields. I purchased it at the Bridal Shop in Fargo.
This week's post is fitting because I just wrote a column for work about where my dress is now. Read that here.

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  1. I love that you just "know" when you've found the right dress. I was stress-free about the dress as well and it made things A LOT easier!
    xx Lexi
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