Saturday, December 31, 2011

StoryTimeSaturday: Bean boozled

We played "Bean boozled," over Christmas. It's an disgustingly awesome product by the makers of Jelly Belly. Essentially, there are different colored jelly beans and each color has the option of tasting like two different thing; one is delicious (like pears) and the other is revolting (like boogers). I took pictures as everyone bit into their selection, and it was so funny to see a) how people reacted and b) how quickly they realized whether it was dog food or chocolate pudding.

My almost-5-year-old niece Maia was an absolute hoot as she figured out she'd gotten rotten eggs and not banana.


Thanks to Jess for this post teaching me how to do my first GIF animation.


  1. You did a great job on the .gif! Her face is hilarious.

  2. I also got some Bean Boozled for Christmas. Played against my uncle, and it was totally worth it.