Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TVTuesday: What are your must-sees

Photo on 2011-12-02 at 06.58
(My impression of that glassy-eyed, TV watching gaze associated with all Americans)

I like talking with someone you feel like you know pretty well and being surprised they like a certain show. I used to be one of those people who never watched TV. It wasn't like a thoughtful choice to avoid staring zombie-like into the screen, there just wasn't anything that appealed to me. Thanks to DVR, I catch up on "my stories" every weekend. I don't know if what shows you watch (or those of you who choose not to watch any at all) says anything about you as a person, but here's the list of the shows I DVR every week.

"The Walking Dead"
"The New Girl"
"Biggest Loser"
"Criminal Minds" (even though this season has me bored out of my mind)
"American Horror Story"
"Mad Men"
"The Office"
"Saturday Night Live" (I usually make it to the first musical act before deciding there are better ways to waste my time)

Any of them surprising? Any of them also your favorites?


  1. American Horror Story
    Sons Of Anarchy
    New Girl
    Happy Endings
    Modern Family
    The Glades
    Pretty Little Liars

    Some seasons are over and some are starting back up soon but those are the shows I ABSOLUTELY have to watch!


  2. Oooh. Thanks, Meesch. It looksl ike I have some to add to my list. Everyone at work always gathers round the proverbial water cooler to talk about "Modern Family." I suppose it's time for me to partake.