Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheers to a new year

Tomorrow is the drinkiest of holidays, and what better to indulge than with a holiday flavored treat like Apple Pie Schnapps.

My roommate, Cristen, makes it every year to give away as gifts.

This is a great gift idea for co-workers. Just make sure not to imbibe at work ;)

The beverage shows up at numerous events throughout the year, as each of our friends attempts to finish his/her bottle of potent deliciousness. I think our bottle only lasted through the cold months of March last year, but Cristen was still toting a bottle as late as Tara's wedding in October. That night, it went over great, not so much the next day.

This batch should fill about eight 750 mL bottles


3 gallons apple cider
1 cup sugar (She actually recommends less, but this was what the original recipe called for. You could easily halve this)
1 fifth Everclear (Trashy, we know)
12 sticks cinnamon

The amount of Everclear and cinnamon depends on taste. I think adding a few peeled pieces of fresh ginger would taste fantastic.

Directions: Combine apple cider, sugar, Everclear and cinnamon sticks in a very large stockpot over low heat for about three hours. Don't let it boil! You wouldn't want to lose any of that 77 proof alcohol content or anything. Remove cinnamon sticks and strain to remove large chunks left from cinnamon. Divide into bottles and add festive tags to give as gifts.

Cristen found some nice clear bottles with a resealable cap at IKEA last year, but was also able to get some pretty blue-hued jars at a local brewery.

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