Thursday, October 15, 2009

Calm down, calm down

I have really tried to get myself back into posting on this blog. Here's the problem: I'm interested in way too many things.

This last semester at school is proving to be a lot more work than I imagined. On top of that, I was fortunate enough to find a job in my field, which right now is not such an easy field to get into. I'm really trying to focus on school and work the most, but I really need to prioritize to even fit it all in.

I'm also training for a 5k and 10k, as well as really trying to make over my eating habits. This is something I struggle to make time for, but I must include.

After graduation, I hope to have more time for hobbies. Between photography, writing, cooking, books, sewing, knitting, crafties and fashion, I'm always at odds with myself over what I should be doing.

That's why this blog is from here out is going to be designed to help me find a balance between all of my interests. I will post once a week on one of the aforementioned topics. I named eight topics, but I'm going to try to fit them into seven neat little packages so that each day of the week is designated for just one of those hobbies.

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