Saturday, October 24, 2009

MakeAListSaturday: Birthday

My birthday is tomorrow, so let's hear it for a little self-indulgent online browsing of stuff I probably won't ever get, and if I do it won't be until Christmas.

My mom and grandparents came and took Troy and me out for dinner on Thursday, and it's nice to know that I'm still not too old for them to throw me a little party.

I have to work on my actual birthday, but Cristen, Phil, Troy and I are going out for a fancy dinner on Monday night.

Birthdays don't feel as special as they used to, but even back then I would go through the JCPenny catalog a circle all of the stuff I wanted. Even back then it was mostly clothing. Some things never change I guess.

So to my wishlist:

I've been complaining for months that I need a lamp on my desk. The only open spot is where my real cat regularly sits hoping for the chance to spill my coffee on my keyboard. Maybe it's time for a replacement cat ... like one that doesn't move and serves a purpose. Maybe like a cat lamp?

I don't know if I just have lighting options on the brain or if this is just really awesome. The awesomest part? It's less than $30.

Now let's move on to the next thing I have on my brain, now and always. I love this necklace and should just get it because I admire it about twice a week.

Diana minis. Woot. I have wanted a Diana for a long time, but it's hard to find a place to develop 120mm film. Enter the Diana mini. It shoots half-frame photos on 35mm. I really hope someone caught on to my heavy hinting about this item.

Holga. 1950s grit. On 120mm. Want it.

In case you didn't catch it. 1950s grit captured on 120mm film.
I found this browsing for books today. I don't know that I actually want it, but considering my documentary photography project was once titled "What I wore today" and consisted of photos very similar to this, it proved that most ideas are no longer unique.

This is probably just a staple I should have.

I live for shark week, and at one time in my life, was able to identify species of sharks better than any marine biologist the Discovery Channel could hire.

I even bought Jimmy the Cat because I thought he had markings like a Great White shark. His incessant biting doesn't help either. So long story not so short, I would die for the mittens.

Anyone who hasn't read these Jane Austen adaptations is a loser. They're entertaining, plus it's a good refresher on the classics most of us haven't read since they were required by an English teacher.

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