Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TastyTuesday: My breakfast lately

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Here's me in all of my bed head and smeared makeup morning glory. At least I have a wonderful breakfast to enjoy. I've enjoyed peanut butter oats for the past couple of weeks for breakfast. It's a tasty, hearty and simply start to the day that keeps me filled up all the way to lunch.

Three-ingredient Peanut Butter Oats
1/2 cup of UNCOOKED, all-natural oatmeal
1/2 teaspoon unprocessed, organic honey
2 tablespoon of all-natural, no-sugar-added peanut butter

Combine the ingredients in a bowl and stir until it makes the consistency of oatmeal cookie dough. Then eat. It's so absolutely satisfying. You kind of feel like you're eating cookie dough for breakfast, but the oatmeal's fiber and peanut butter's healthy fats and proteins keeps you so energized all morning.

What's your favorite quick, healthy breakfast?

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  1. i came across a recipe the other day for chocolate oatmeal and it's SO GOOD. your recipe is a lot easier and i can't wait to try this one too!