Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WomenOfWednesday: Women of Mad Men

This is a new weekly feature here on OliveObserver about the women who inspire us. Feel free to post your own woman of Wednesday in the links.

This week, it's the women of "Mad Men."


The workplace has changed for women in many ways, and this show is such a reminder of how thankful we can be to those who endured the "olden days" of sexism and discrimination.

To Betty Draper: Despite many character flaws, you had the guts to walk away from an unhappy marriage riddled with infidelity.

To Joan Harris: You embrace your curves and you aren't afraid to show men you're better at their jobs than they are.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

To Peggy Olson: You embrace being the only woman in the room and stand up for what you believe in while maintaining your sweet charm and vast loyalty.

I salute you all, for living in a mad world with some truly mad men.

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