Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Snapshots: Euro trip 2013

I'm clearly a bit behind  keeping you up to date on how I spent 2013. It was a great year, so as we head into a new one, let's recap over the next few days.

In May we took another trip to Europe, this time stopping in Paris, Prague and Berlin. Despite a very wet couple of weeks, we had a fantastic time.


We made sure to stop at Fargo Records in the Marais.

Place des Vosges

And, of course, Paris included lots of dessert.






















The mister grew a mustache. Here it is on about Day 5

The Vltava flooded the city just two days after this photo.

Eurostache Day 7.

Very Kafka.

One of Europe's oldest vineyards.

All of the dessert in Paris, was replace by beer in Prague.


Juxtaposition of Berlin's dark past with its developing future.

A raindrop looks like a tear at this Jewish memorial.

Scars of the past.

We met my dear friend Kathryn and her husband Matthias.

Mimosas with my Kathryn.

We're so lucky they could join us from Switzerland.

Lots of beers were consumed.

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