Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday crafternoon

My roommate and I held our first crafternoon of the Christmas season yesterday. As usual, we didn't get as much done as we had planned, but we have several ongoing project we will work on throughout the season.

Our first project was making gift tags. I originally was going to buy a fairly expensive set of woodland stamps from an online boutique, but found a similar set from the new Martha Stewart craft collection at Wal-Mart. Who knew?

They turned out pretty cute, but there were quite a few that we threw out. We compared them to our adventures in cookie decorating—we always have really good intentions and pretty colors picked out, but they always end up looking like a couple of 5-year-olds went nuts on them.

As we went along, we realize that less is more, and it got a little easier. Next time I would recommend having paper punches that can cut out various shapes. We scissored most of the cut outs and they didn't turn out very clean. Also, the ink we used for stamping dried slowly, so we ended up smudging quite a few tags.

We also used glitter from the Martha Stewart collection. I highly recommend it. It's messy, but it stuck very nicely to the glue. We also got a pen that contains glitter glue that worked quite nicely for lettering and find details.

The second project we are working on is felted stockings. So far, we are still knitting the stockings. We will be washing and felting them later this week. I'm curious to see which yarn works best for it. Both of the colors we are working with are 100 percent wool, but according to my sister, some yarns look better felted than others.

More crafternoons to come...

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