Monday, November 9, 2009

MondayMust: Goop, Lonny and Garance

I just discovered Goop last week (I'm a little behind the times). It's a newsletter consisting of Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite things. Not sold? Neither was I at first, but I found a ton of stuff that I really like from this week's newsletter. Also, it's sort of entertaining to make fun of Paltrow. There's something about the newsletter I find kind of ridiculous. I DID get some good stuff out of it though.

Lonny Magazine
This is one of the coolest new online mags I've found. Having worked on a much smaller-scale online magazine, I have a lot of respect for those starting them up.

Garance Dore
I've followed (and loved) The Sartorialist for a long time. I even started a documentary project based on street portraits because of it. His girlfriend Garance was featured in Goop, and I must admit I like her style of shooting better. Plus she's French.

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