Monday, November 16, 2009

MondayMust: Winter gear


I pulled out the crate of winter hats, scarves and gloves. It's been an incredibly mild fall here in North Dakota so far. Usually, we're in the throws of winter right now. Snow has barely fallen, and I hope it stays that way for just a bit longer. We've already shaved off about a month of our normal winter, and I'll appreciate that even more come March.

I have lots of gear and this is just a sampling. I could tell you a story about each one. I've noticed that about me and my clothing. I seem to remember where I wore things and what the special/non-special occasion was, who gave/ made them and the last time I wore them.

Knitting season usually corresponds with hat/scarf season. I never keep my own creations, but maybe I'll change that this year. I started a scarf for my aunt during yesterday's Vikings game. I'm using and seed stitch, and it's coming along quite nicely.

Next on my list is socks. Maybe I'll have a sock collage to go with it ...

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