Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In need of some tropical air

Most years around this time I've had a vacation to look forward to. Not this year. I'm a working stiff with no time off over spring break and no money to spend.

Today was the second day in which the city was turned white by a thick coat of frost. It would have looked really pretty the week before Christmas. Unfortunately it's not the week before Christmas. At least it not minus-fuck-your-life degrees outside.

I miss actual fresh fruit. One can only eat so many apples and oranges. Last year in Costa Rica, we ate fresh pineapple, papaya, bananas and mango for breakfast most mornings. The real stuff. I didn't know that's what bananas were supposed to taste like, you know, for real fresh — not delivered to your local grocer green for consumption.

Every Saturday in the area of San Jose in which we stayed there's a farmers market. Up here in tundra country that doesn't get started until June, and even then, they don't have mangoes and pineapple. I don't see myself leaving this region any time soon, but man, it would be nice for a break from the winter for a while.






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  1. South America is absolutely beautiful! Everything in Costa Rica is spectacular. I just got back from five weeks in Colombia and had to come home to snow. I miss everything about that place: the people, the food, no stress, and yeah the fruit is the best! I hope you are able to go back sometime soon.