Monday, November 21, 2011

MondayMust: Boot socks and some link love

Boot socks are a must this winter. Lately I love wearing them over jeggings or tights. It's so warm and cozy.

These ones from Urban Outfitters are sure cute:

And now for the regular Monday link love:

How gorgeous are the Vogue photos of Lauren Bush and David Lauren's wedding shoot?

I stumbled upon the Purl bee this week in my pursuit of cute knitting patterns and advice on crocheting. I love every entry. Especially this one.

This fabric has me swooning. Can you tell my hopped up on crafternoons lately?

Anyone need a $ 14 Christmas gift idea for me? Go here. *wink *wink.

Martha packs this recipe with pasta, zucchini and fleur de sel. I'm in.

I'm so glad this royally hilarious blog is back in service.

Why does this completely dorky ring need to be sold out?

We're looking at upgrading our iPhones soon. Wouldn't this be the perfect case?

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