Sunday, November 6, 2011

SundayIntroductions: Gertrude Katja

Many of you who know me in real life, probably know that we lost our cat back in September. We took him in as a feral rescue, and it was a tough adjustment for him. Jimmy was probably always an outdoor cat at heart, and one day he took the leap and sneaked out the open door without us noticing. We have spent the past six weeks papering our neighborhood with fliers and calling every cat organization we could think of. And to no avail. JimJim is still missing.

Our other cat, Friedrich, a two-year-old male who only knew a two-cat household, has struggled with Jimmy's absence. Though they didn't get along all that well, cat's just do better together.

So today we added a member to our family. Meet Gertrude Katja, a 12-week-old stray. She's turning out to be the sweetest little girl, and we're so happy to have her.


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