Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Introductions: Skinny Runner

Skinny Runner has one of my favorite blogs. Though she's much more dedicated to the sport of running, I still enjoy reading her posts daily. SR, who lives in southern California, but works on her dad's fishing boat in Alaska, was recently in my home state of North Dakota, so I caught up with her through email to see what she thought.

Date and reason for last trip to North Dakota?  
I flew out to North Dakota (ok, I admit South Dakota too) in October to go pheasant hunting with my dad.

How many times have you been to North Dakota?  
This is the 3rd time I've been.

Skinny Runner at Scheel's (a Midwestern sporting goods store for those of you who are unfamiliar).
What were your initial thoughts?  
Wow, Scheels is a big deal here!  And there's so much camo!
Everyone here talks about the weather, so it's required that I ask this question: What was the weather like when you were here?  
This year the weather was super mild, in the 50s-60s but the first year my husband and I went, it was snowing and freezing cold!
Most surprising thing about your trip?  
How friendly everyone is.  It's amazing, coming from CA where if you talk to someone they think you're either trying to rob them or swindle them.  EVERYONE was so nice and friendly in both North and South Dakota. I accidentally left my camera at the airport in Bismarck and the airport called UPS for me and had it sent right away.  In CA that baby woulda been long gone and in Mexico before I knew it was missing.

You're from SoCal; could you ever see yourself living in NoDak? Why or why not?  
I don't think it's in my future to live there.  Of course, I'll go where ever my husband's job is and where God leads us, but I love living on the West Coast and most importantly, closer to my family who are in Oregon and Washington.

Did the wide open spaces do anything for your running?  
Errrr no, since I didn't run once when I was there!  We did hike/walk about 24 miles while hunting so I guess that counts for something...

Where did you stay?  
In years past we've stayed at hotels in Linton, but this year I stayed with my parents in their motorhome that they drove from Oregon.

Do you plan to come back?  
I'm sure we will be back next year for me to attempt shooting something other than a cloud.  I'm a fantastically awful shot. 

Fargo has a big marathon every May, ever consider running it?  
I would love to!  I've heard only good things about it, I just haven't made it out that way in May and usually by then I'm heading up to Alaska to commercial fish for the summer.
Thanks for playing 20 (or so) questions, SkinnyRunner. And here's to hoping you make another stop in North Dakota some time.

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  1. I loved this! Came over from SR because I saw the ND interview, I'm from Fargo (area) too. Love your blog! :)