Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TopTenTuesday: Ways to make winter more tolerable

It's usually right after Halloween that it really hits me: Winter is a'coming. Up here in the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere, winter sucks, and she sucks bad. But if there's anything they've bred us to do in Fargo, it's to persevere.

For me getting through the cold months (and there's about six of them here) is all about the right mindset. Here are a few — 10 to be precise — things that makes the winter just that much better.

10. New bedding. Grab those cozy sheets off the shelf and give them a wash for a fresh and snuggly night sleep.

Target Home Fuzzy Blanket

This purple fuzzy blanket from Target is always nice, too.

9. Pull out your hat, mitten and scarf sets. Get them washed up so that going  for a walk or a trip to the grocery store doesn't seem so bad.

8. Slow cooker recipes. Yes, they say this in every magazine and article about winter cooking, but there's a reason. Slow cookers are the greatest invention to hit North Dakota since block heaters.

This is a super easy and delicious meal from The Mommy Diaries.

7. List fun things to do. Inevitably I end up bored halfway through November. I am a list person, so it's no surprise that I have a running lineup of stuff to do.

1. Read book mom gave you for Christmas
2. Knit Aunt Geri the scarf she's been asking for since 2009.
3. Organize desk.
4. Make curtains.
5. Tone photos from birthday party
You get the point, right?

Keep it in a place you know where to find it and check them off as you go. There's nothing more satisfying in my book.

6. Cute underpantalons. Wearing a sweater, turtleneck, long underwear and an industrial pair of what your grandma would call slacks doesn't make you feel so good. So put something fun underneath it all. And turn up the heat and walk around.

 Cosabella® for J.Crew Carlotta low-rise hotpant in star

Hell yeah, I dare you to get me down, winter.

5. French press. Holy moly, nothing makes me want to wake up and enjoy a chilly day like a hot cup o' coffee. And wouldn't it be all the more pleasurable in this purdy ceramic French press?

4. New fabric. Get your creative butt in gear with the aid of a few fun fabrics. My mom is teaching me to quilt this winter, and I'm oh so excited. (Planning crafternoons with your mom is also a way to fight the doldrums. See No. 2).

I sure do like the looks of this:

3. A stack of books. My kindle is ablaze in the cold-weather months. Check out what I'm reading:

2. Create photo books. Make some cute little flip books from Blurb or Shutterfly or get all scrapbooky. It's a great way to reflect on memories and to get them put on paper — something I'm not always so good at.

1. Crafternoons. With your mom, your sister, your husband, your favorite broad. I don't care. Just set some dates and get to work. Here's a previous crafternoon with my best pal, Cristen. It occurred on the day I got engaged. See, good things do happen during winter.

And if none of these leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, post a comment with what does because I'd love for this list to grow.

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