Friday, December 2, 2011

FridayConfession: Quitter

A few weeks ago, I shared that I've gained about 15 pounds over the past year. A lot of life events contributed to that gain, and I returned to my old standby to lose: WeightWatchers. I lost about 20 pounds on the program last year, and it's a good plan. But I never really felt like it fit me. I tend to eat when I'm sad or nervous or stressed, so no amount of tracking points mattered at certain times.

Last week I started listening to myself and my body. Instead of getting in my 8-point breakfast at 6 a.m. on the dot, I ate when I felt hungry and what I felt like eating. When lunchtime rolled around that day, I still wasn't hungry, so I kept working until I was. I'd worked up a good appetite and, again, ate exactly what I was hungry for. Some days, I admit this means eating potato chips for lunch and ice cream for a snack. OMG. Potato chips and ice cream. So far, my pants are looser and I am happier.

Photo on 2011-11-28 at 12.23 #3


  1. I definitely believe in listening to your body as well :)

  2. Thanks to you both for stopping.

    Isn't it weird that it's sometimes feels unnatural to listen to your body after you've tried so many diets?

  3. You have to listen to your body! If you overdo it and over-diet, you'll make yourself sick and miserable. Your body is meant to be a certain weight to stay healthy. Maybe that's not as popular as the myth that anyone can be thin if they try hard enough, but once you accept it you'll be happier! It's not giving up.