Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TruthBeToldTuesday: Where are you from?

So in my mind, I imagine those of you stopping by are either my real-life friends who have found my little outlet for creative energy on this blog, or you're the handful of other bloggers that I read and comment on.

I also assume most of you are 20-somethings from the Midwest, like me.

And that you also have a penchant for kitty cats and marshmallows.

But judging by my recent blog traffic, I know this can't be true. So I'm putting this one in your court.

So truth be told ...

Where are you guys from? I want to know about my readers a little bit. What's your first name? What are your interests? Give me a mini bio if you want.

I just want this to feel more like a two-way exchange now that I realize it's not me anonymously typing into the great beyond.

Watercolor World Map No. 6
This beautiful painting is by Jessica's Little Shop of Illustration on Etsy and available for $25. She has so many amazing pieces. This Paris skyline is on my Christmas list.


  1. I am originally from South Dakota but am currently in the west burbs of Chicago. I am not a twenty-something, but am a thirty-something. :)

  2. High school buds, from ND, live in MN, older twenty something:)