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FiveThingsFriday: Cookie cutters

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Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

If your kitchen is anything like mine, there’s a drawer specially dedicated to cookie cutters waiting to be pulled out for one fine December day.
Each time I open the drawer, I curse the jangly little space wasters. If only there were ways to use them for something other than Christmas cookies.
Along came Pinterest and a few creative bloggers to solve my cookie cutter conundrum.

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

1. Make a mobile
After purchasing some adorable set up cowboy-themed cookie cutters, I wasn’t sure how I would ever use them (other than a Wild West party) until I found this idea on Pinterest.
Using an embroidery hoop and some string, I imagine my sheriff’s star, horse and cowboy boots would make a great addition to a little boy’s nursery.

2. Create a pincushion
Hearts are a popular shape for those well-intended Valentine treats, but this idea from is a great gift idea for the crafter in your life.
Use the cookie cutter as a template to cut a piece of Styrofoam to serve as the base. Cut a piece of scrap fabric in the shape of a heart about a ½-inch bigger than the Styrofoam. Apply tacky glue to the back of the fabric and secure to foam, tucking the edges around the sides.
Cut another heart about 3 inches larger than the first. Place the fabric piece inside the cookie cutter and stuff three-fourths full with fiber fill, creating a puff. Close the cushion with a running stitch.
With the cushion still inside the cookie cutter, apply a liberal amount of tacky glue to its bottom and attach the Styrofoam piece. Hold in place for three minutes to dry.

3. Hang as an ornament
Martha Stewart suggests making keepsakes of Christmas cookie cutters by inserting family photos, fabric or pretty paper to create tree ornaments.
According to Stewart‘s website, trace cutter on paper or photo and cut out shape. Dab white craft glue along cutter’s edge, and press paper in place to dry. Thread narrow ribbon through needle; poke between paper and cutter, and wrap ribbon around top of cutter. Slip a bead over ribbon’s ends and knot again.

4. Jazz up a fruit salad
Watermelon can take a patriotic shape by using a star cutter in a Fourth of July fruit salad.

5. Carve a perfect pumpkin
Make your Jack-o-lantern smile with this ingenious use of cookie cutters from
Remove the tops and scoop out seeds as you normally would. Using a rubber mallet (or hammer, I assume) tap the cookie cutter into the pumpkin’s flesh to create a clean outline; then carve the shape with a knife.

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