Saturday, September 8, 2012

SaturdayChallenge: Shaping my life

So I mentioned last week that I was starting a new healthy-me journey.

On Friday, Chris Linnares (she's sort of like gorgeous Dr. Phil of Brazil) came to my home to help me start my transformation by shaping my life. For the next three weeks, she and I will work together through a number of challenges.

Her visit really made me realize how much resentment I've harbored toward myself for all these years because of my weight. Chris is amazingly positive and insightful, and is helping me gain more of that for myself.

I think I've always told myself that I have to be strict and this is going to be so hard, but the more I evaluate what I've done in the past, the more I think I've continuously sabotaged myself with those strategies.

Yesterday, Chris and I went though all of the diets and programs that haven't worked to help me lose weight or view food differently, and she gave me some great challenges for the upcoming week. I'm even debuting my new last name: Heidi Vibrant. I'm going to live the next three weeks like Heidi Vibrant. Feel free to join in with me.

Challenge No. 1: Spiritual Cleansing
Make sure your home, closet, desk, purse represent the Heidi Vibrant you truly are — a happy, energetic, inspiring woman
  •  Give those old clothes that don't fit anymore to a nice charity like the YWCA.
  • Choose more vibrant color of cloths to wear this week.
Challenge No. 2: Express Gratitude to your Body
Remember that you don't diet, you express gratitude to your body.
Your  body is a sacred temple, so love your body. This week be your best lover by developing a Sensual Life Style.
Sensual comes from the Latin word sensualita that means connect with your sense — listen to your body, respect your body, make your body happy this week by:

  •  Eating Energy Food: Food that makes your body happy: The best energy foods don't come with a food label. A Banana has just one ingredient: banana!
  • Diva Grocery Store Runaway - Sunday and Wednesday: Treat the grocery store like its your personal runway and walk around the store, avoiding the processed junk in the middle.
  • Move your body: Move your body the way that makes your body happy: walking, biking, dancing.
  • Sensual Massage: Three times a week massage your body and express your love and gratitude.

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