Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pieces of my weekend - part one

Troy and I are headed to Minneapolis for our first-ever Timberwolves game. It's my Valentines gift to him.

I have a three-day weekend and it's already been jam-packed.

On Friday we hung out with friends and shared a few pitchers.

My mom was in town for Saturday for a day of shopping and a night at Celebration of Women and their Music, a fantastic event at the Fargo Theatre.

Now we are on the road to the game and a fancy night in a hotel with plans to see our friends and family and their little ones.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend and I will update you with my photos.


  1. love your snaps!

    I am in St.Paul!!!

  2. Always love checking out your photos, hope you had an awesome weekend.

    Sharing lots of love from