Saturday, January 14, 2012

SaturdayChallenge: Enjoying your food

A couple of months back, I talked about how I quit Weight Watchers in order to eat intuitively. It's been a long struggle and I've managed to gain weight in the process. But I've also learned how out of touch I was with my eating.

I followed my eating plan so studiously that I often got overwhelmed, I rarely enjoyed what I ate and usually left the table feeling unsatisfied. That of course led to "cheating" then the guilt at follows and the mentality that "I'll go back on plan tomorrow."

Intuitive eating is hard too though. It's great in that you get to eat what you want, but for chronic dieters like myself, it also means I have to eat when Im hungry and stop whenim satisfied. I have to be present during each meal, not rushing through or eating at my desk. I have to make choices that will fulfill both what my mind and body needs. I'm hoping it gets easier and I'm convinced it will.

So my big challenge for this week is jumping on board with Marisa at Loser for Life. I'm going to really pay attention to what I'm eating and use all of my senses to enjoy it. Each meal will be at a table wherein focused on the art of enjoying my food. Who's with me?


  1. I'm so glad you're with me, Heidi!! It's definitely going to be a challenge! I'm already noticing today just how out of touch I am with my food when I'm eating. Not to mention how quickly I just shovel it in while thinking of all the things I need to do! Already, breakfast was done in less than 4 minutes and lunch came in at a whopping 10 minutes! It's amazing I don't choke to death :|

    1. Thanks, Marisa. I'm doing better so far this week, but I find that occasionally I forget I'm eating and supposed to be enjoying it. ;)